Story of India



A. The story of India – amazing BBC documentary series part

written and prodcued by Michael Wood
courtecy :BBC


Part 1 of 7

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Part 2 of 7

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Part 3 of 7

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Part 4 of 7

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Part  5 of 7

{youtubejw width="600" height="520"}v3P6fiycTig{/youtubejw}


Part 7 of 7

{youtubejw width="600" height="520"}tFXbCFASw0I{/youtubejw}



B. Origins of civilization-INDIA-the empire of spirit


Part 1/6

{youtubejw width="600" height="520"}WTFsleGIa4A{/youtubejw}


Part  2/6

{youtubejw width="600" height="520"}9zSrSiJwRqw{/youtubejw}


Part  3/6

{youtubejw width="600" height="520"}vPiKBfVZa-o{/youtubejw}



Part  4/6

{youtubejw width="600" height="520"}wEXcoyBy1oY{/youtubejw}


Part 5/6

{youtubejw width="600" height="520"}P33F5jWWII8{/youtubejw}


Part 6/6

{youtubejw width="600" height="520"}O4QQdQwTguM{/youtubejw}

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