Part 1


PART – 1


This part contains a list of villages, alphabetically arranged under each district in Tamilnadu, along with the year in which the inscriptions in the village was copied and the last column, the Inscription Nos. This ingormation would enable you to refer to the Annual Reports on Epigraphy (ARE) published in the respective year and also the  Inscriptions Nos. where the inscription has been found (for example, the temple – its location like the sanctum wall, mandapa wall, gopura wall etc.,) the name of the king in whose reign the record was issued, the language and script of the inscription and a brief summary of its content, that includes the ancient name of the village, the ancient name of the temple, the builder or donor, the nature of the gift etc., Thus they give historical information about the village, their temples, tanks, canals, taxes, institurtions etc., This guide will help you to find out the ARE year no. and inscription no. Then you have to check out the ARE report of that particular year. The ARE reports are available in the Central, and State Archaeologival Departments, whom you may contact for detailas.  The Universities or Colleges in your area may also have these ARE reports.



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