“It is truly said: Your Right Conduct will spread across the Globe. The West and the East shall meet.  The World shall look forward to your Ethics…” – Thiru.Vi.Ka: 1930: Saivism Reconciled Oh!
Is this Thiru.Vi.Ka. greeting our Tamil Heritage Foundation!
Mentors who taught us Wisdom are many.  Some, among them led exemplary lives and taught by example.  Rare, some did both. Thiru.Vi.Kalyanasundaram (26.08.1883 – 17.09.1953) is the beacon light for us in many spheres.  Describes as “…the preeminent scholar among scholars, the preeminent writer among writers…the bridge for them was his life…” (Mu.Varatharaachan: 1972: History of Tamil Literature:15, 16),Thiru.Vi.Ka.was also the founder of trade unionism in India on April 27. 1918.
The magnet of patriotism drew him to politics and Tamil Journalism.  It was he, who had enthroned modern Tamil prose. Thiru.Vi.Ka’s service to feminism, social reforms, the spirit of reconciliation and Gandhism is profound.  He held fast to his Marxism till he breathed his last. His religion was Saivisim in the Thiruvarur Solizhiya Velan Marabu (Tradition). 
He was well-versed in the intricacies of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and jainism also. His chosen spiritual path was that of Compassion and Reconciliation, preached by the mystic, Ramalinga Adigalar. He brought out 55 books in a span of fifty years, working indefatigably. 
His life was one of service.  We are not imagining in perceiving his Blessings unto us, in a passage written seventy years ago in a different context.  I cite in support none other than T.S.Eliot in his Tradition and the Individual, “…not only the best, but the most individual parts of his (writer’s) work may be those in which the dead poets, his ancestors assert their immortality most vigorously…”.

– Mr.Soundararajan (22/11/2007)

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