THF News   30/08/2009 தமிழ் மரபு அறக்கட்டளை 8ஆம் ஆண்டு விழா: சிறப்பு வெளியீடுகள், செய்திகள் விழா நிகழ்வு    12/07/2008 த.ம.அ மின்னாக்கம் தொடர்பான இ-நேர்காணல்  (சென்னை ஆன்லைன் பகுதி 1) த.ம.அ மின்னாக்கம் தொடர்பான  இ-நேர்காணல் (சென்னை ஆன்லைன் பகுதி 2) த.ம.அ மின்னாக்கம் தொடர்பான  இ-நேர்காணல் (சென்னை ஆன்லைன் பகுதி 3)   30/11/2008 THF Classic: நமது முந்தைய வலைப் பக்கத்தில் பரீட்சயமானவர்கள் அதனை  இங்கே காணலாம்.Read More →

Activities   Tamil Heritage Foundation is a registered in India and United Kingdom. THF is a virtual charity oraganization with offices inGermany, Switzerland, India, UK and South Korea. Tamil Heritage Foundation has joined hands with Million Books Project and has its collection at Digital Library of India Tamil Heritage FoundationRead More →

Vision Tamil Heritage Foundation is a global initiative to preserve and understand Tamil heritage in a proper scientific way so that its history, science and technology are understood properly. THF will try to bring back the much needed Tamil pride and a sustainable future for Tamils living around the world. Read More →

The team Tamil heritage Foundation is registered in London and in Tamil Nadu. Click here to find the THF Execute Council THF Working Groups Digitization Working Group Marabu Wiki Content Management Team Siddha Medicine section Folklore and Village arts E-Forum MinTamil Internet Community E-Forum E-Suvadi Internet Community London THF TeamRead More →

“Tamil Heritage Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization to serve Tamil diaspora. It is engaged in the digital preservation of Indian Heritage Materials such as ancient palm leaf manuscripts and old books in electronic forms that are easily readable in CD ROM and in the internet”   தமிழ் மரபுRead More →

“It is truly said: Your Right Conduct will spread across the Globe. The West and the East shall meet.  The World shall look forward to your Ethics…” – Thiru.Vi.Ka: 1930: Saivism Reconciled Oh! Is this Thiru.Vi.Ka. greeting our Tamil Heritage Foundation! Mentors who taught us Wisdom are many.  Some, amongRead More →

To ensure this code release, Wilco Jansen resorted to sending rum to joint lead-developer Johan Janssens. Johan, who’s had a penchant for rum ever since the first “Pirate’s of the Caribbean” movie screened, took the bait, mixed it with Cola, and here we are with our latest 1.5 release. ItRead More →

The Joomla! team has about 1 million good reasons to be smiling about the Joomla! 1.5. In its current incarnation, it’s had more than 1 million downloads, taking it to an unprecedented level of popularity. The new code base is almost an entire re-factor of the old code base. TheRead More →

The Joomla Core Team consists of volunteer developers, designers, administrators and managers who, together with a large range of Work Groups of dedicated community members have taken Joomla to new heights in its relatively short life. This well-oiled machine is often copied but never surpassed. Joomla has some wonderfully talentedRead More →